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Membership Requirements

To be a member of ISSA, you have to be a member of Turkish Ship Suppliers Association (TURSSA) first of all. What you should do in this regard is described in details below.

All natural entity and legal entity establishments who acknowledge the objectives of association, have legal capacity and act in ship supply sector are eligible to be member.

Those natural entity and legal entity establishments who want to be member of our association are required to have at least 2-year continuous experience in ship supply sector and to receive reference letters from at least two members of association.

Those fulfilling above-mentioned requirements have to fill in the documents required for membership in full and to deliver them to the head office of the association by hand or by cargo.

Upon receipt of above-mentioned documents, applicants will be required to confirm the statements they have made while filling in application forms, and a preliminary visit will be made by a committee to be designated by the Board of Directors to meet company owners. After this visit, visited company’s membership application will be put on the agenda of the next Board meeting where the company’s application will be assessed and a decision will be made. According to such decision, accepted companies will have to pay subscription fee (USD 2000) and annual contribution (TL 4.500) to association’s bank account within 10 days after notifying such affirmative decision.

After sending the bank receipts as to payment of subscription and contribution fees to turssa@turssa.org, membership to the association will become definite. The company whose membership has become definite will be invited to the next Board Meeting where its certificate will be presented. It is not necessary to inform non-eligible companies about ground for challenge.

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